How To Store Wine And Load A Wine Refrigerator

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AKDY 21 Bottles Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review
August 9, 2017

How To Store Wine And Load A Wine Refrigerator

Store Wine And Load A Wine Refrigerator

How Do You Store Wine And Load A Wine Refrigerator?

How To Store WineLearning the basics of how to store wine and load a wine refrigerator is important. It makes no difference whether your collection is stored in a custom built wine cellar or in a counter-top wine refrigerator.

To store wine properly there are four rules that should be followed.

  1. Humidity – You must maintain a consistent level of humidity that remains constant in the sixty percent range.
  2. Temperature – Much like humidity, the temperature also needs to be controlled dependent on the type of wine you are storing. However, a good rule of thumb is to keep the temperature between 55 and 58 degrees. This will provide an optimal environment for most wines and for wine fridges that have only one controlled chamber.
  3. Light – The third rule for properly storing your collection is light, or more specifically the absence of light. Wine needs to be stored in the dark with very little exposure to light. Light damages wine by accelerating the molecular breakdown of components in the sediment and in the wine itself. So avoiding the light is crucial.
  4. Orientation – And finally, wine bottles need to be stored on their side if possible. By placing the bottles horizontally the wine will submerge or cover the cork during storage. This is very important because a dry cork will shrink and crack. This will allow oxygen into the bottle which breaks down and damages the wine.

How To Store Wine Video

Although the video below, from Wine Storage Bellevue, is set inside a wine cellar the rules for storage remain the same for a wine refrigerator appliance.

How Do You Load a Wine Refrigerator?

You should load your wine refrigerator correctly to maximize its storage capacity for your wine inventory.

How To Load A Wine Refrigerator Video

In this short video demo, the team at Thermodor Wine Refrigerators show you several storage ideas and configurations using standard sized 750 ml bottles.

Final Words

Before selecting your wine refrigerator you’ll need to consider the number and size of the racks of the model you’re considering. The size of the unit you purchase should be able to accommodate the number of bottles you own while still leaving room for an increased inventory as your collection grows.


Wine Refrigerators Guide
Wine Refrigerators Guide
If, like me, you love wine, then you must love the crisp taste that comes with it especially when it’s nicely cooled. High quality wine with a lingering taste that leaves you craving for more is something that all wine-lovers appreciate. Wine Refrigerators Guide helps you choose the right wine refrigerator for you to make sure that this is the experience you get with each glass of wine and that is why they are important.

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